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There are 4 major reasons why you should clean escalators:

Corrosion control—if left unclean, grease, oil, and dirt will eventually impregnate the actual aluminum and compromise the integrity of the metal. When this happens, the aluminum will lose its luster and look much older and worn-out than its actual age.

Safety—cleaning escalators and removing sticky or slippery material can reduce the number of slippage incidents. Although there will certainly continue to be accidents, establishing a regular maintenance cleaning program eliminates any chance for punitive damages from a lawsuit. This will make your risk/liability department happy.

Reduce maintenance costs—although it is impossible to quantify, conventional wisdom dictates that, all thing being equal, a clean escalator will require less maintenance than a dirty escalator. 

Enhance the overall appearance and cleanliness of your facility—the escalators are one of the first things that get noticed and the risers, in particularly, are much more visible than the steps.


The Rotomac 360 is the only machine in the world that simultaneously cleans both the steps and the risers and dispenses a cleaning solution in a safe metered manner. In fact, to our knowledge, there is no other machine that even attempts to clean the risers. The only comparable alternative to a Rotomac deep cleaning is for your maintenance company to dismantle the entire escalator, take it off site to power wash, and then reassemble it. This will give you a similar end result, but it is an extremely expensive process and usually costs in the range of $10,000 per escalator. In addition, an escalator is completely out of use for up to a week. 

Of course, you can always try to clean the escalator by hand. Accounts that have purchased the Rotomac have told us that it would take a person a full week to clean a single escalator by hand and that the end result was inconsistent and mediocre. It was also a very “thankless and difficult” job and as a result a “cleaning by hand program” was usually discontinued very quickly. We’ve also heard a few horror stories of workers causing extensive damage to an escalator by flooding the motor or breaking the actual escalator.

During the initial cleaning, the Rotomac 360 will deep clean the steps and the risers of an average length escalator (70-75 steps) in 6-8 hours. This first cleaning will always be the longest because the escalator is the dirtiest from years of neglect; subsequent cleanings will require a shorter cleaning cycle and hence less time. 


Deep cleaning your escalators, including the risers, using the Rotomac 360 is quick, user and facility friendly, and the most cost efficient option available on the market.